Pastor Youngju Steven Kim
Rev. Steven Kim


Tending Our Souls

Summer is dwindling away with the pleasant chorus at nights by the harbingers of the new season. Personally, I feel like I’ve had enough of summer this year. I wouldn’t miss too much the heat and humidity let alone all the ferocious bugs which have harassed me through the summer.

It is time for us to wrap up our summer fever and get ready for our normal life cycle. Our Sunday School is poised to reopen with the Rally Day on Sunday, September 9. So is the church choir. Our choir director said recently in the service, ‘I hate to announce this, but the time is coming for us to resume our choir.’ (Remember that both our Sunday School and choir can always take advantage of your participation.)

Fall is a good season for us to tend our spiritual life. For that purpose, we have two brand-new opportunities. One is the spiritual formation program called The Jesus Life Style on Wednesday evenings. It will start on Wednesday, September 12th at 7:00 PM. The other is a Short-Term Disciple Bible Study on Thursday mornings at 10:30 AM. Its theme is “Invitation to the Old Testament.”

The Jesus Life Style adopts quite a different format, in particular. Each session includes a sing-along, a video presentation by the world-renowned British pastor Nicky Gumbel. It is to be followed by a summary presentation by a designated participant and an open discussion. We will go over the various practical aspects of our Christian life such as ‘How to Deal with Criticism’ and ‘How to Respond to Difficult People.’ There are many other fascinating themes adaptable to your daily life. You can find the entire outline in another article in this newsletter.

Friend, you are a beloved child of God. God has called you into His life of salvation through His son Jesus Christ. I invite you to explore this blessed life together entering Fall. May God bless you all!


In Peace of Christ


The Jesus Lifestyle

Please contact Pastor Steven to enroll. Call or text at (203) 721-5423 or email at Pastor@SetauketUMC.org . You can also sign up in the sign-up sheet found in Gurney Hall. The text book is $15 per copy. The schedule can be found in the September Wesleyan.